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J Kesehat Lingkung Indones 2004;3(1)1-4

Analisis Pemaparan Radiasi Terhadap Profil Hematologi Pekerja Radiasi Divisi Radiologi Rumah Sakit Dr. Kariadi Semarang.

The Analysis of Radiation Exposure to Haematology Profile of Radiation Worker of the Radiologi Division at Dr. Kariadi Hospital, Semarang.

Eddi Suhaedi, Sulistiyani, Onny Setiani


Background : In responding to the increasing community demand for radiological service, Dr. Kariadi Hospital has increased its modern radiological equipment, both for diagnostic and therapeutic services. To ensure quality radiation services, special knowledge and skills are required to protect the safety of both the radiation workers and the patients from hazardous radiation exposure for routine blood circulation or hematology, especially white blood cell (leukocyte) which are very sensitive towards biological effect of ionic radiation. Radiation impact my cause biological change in the muscles, in the form of direct action which may destroy macro biological molecule and indirect action through DNA which impact the descendants of the radiation workers. This research also to know about the different count of leukocyte while of the radiation exposure of operation of x-ray machine at Dr. Kariadi Hospital semarang. Therefore it is necessary to conduct research is expected to be used as an initial reference of the routine check up each radiation worker.

Methods : The method used is explanatory research with cross-sectional approach, and written questionnaires as well as interviews of the respondents.  Unpair t-test was used for analysis of length of contact with radiation source, correlation test of rank Spearman. The amount of samples is 62 person from radiological division, 31 person of radiation workers as with radiation source as: radiologist, radiographer, engineer, and physicist other is not direct contact whit source of radiation as : nurse, servant. Use of free random with real  categories of samples, the differences of hematology profile were analyzed by t test and the correlation test of Rank Spearman.

Results : There was significant correlation between length of radiation and different count of total leukocyte, eosinophyl, segment, monocyte,and lympocyte. Observation during the research period June 2002 until November 2003 , reveals that on 90 % occasion, the aprons were not used by radiation workers even though aprons were available in each radiation treatment rooms.

Conclusions : based on the result of this research it can be concluded that it seem there is a significant differences of hematological profile between direct contact radiation workers and not direct contact radiation workers.

Recommendation annual check-up of radiation workers (in accordance with Government Regulation No. 63 of the year 2000), must carried out with more consistency and comprehensive hematological profile.

Key words :Profile of hematology, radiation exposure, radiation worker


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